Our Story

Behind this simple fusion of letters molted in the most genuine minimalist design, lies yet another simpler concept. A concept that transform creations from imaginary into palpable, from showcase into streets. PERDITI creations mean finding your own style, without being absorbed by this stereotypical environment. Our creations have simplicity forget into their molecular luxury in order to complete and not engulf you personality and lifestyle.

PERDITI means a blend of luxury and desire. The kind of luxury that will not impoverish your soul and the type of desire that can only be found in a breezy, springtime dream. Perditi is the rejuvenation of a way we see and value luxury and creations, thus sprouting the fine mechanism that shaped and kept us going.

PERDITI complements who you are and what do you want to achieve in this life. Wandering at the crossroad of choices, the fashion statement you make alongside PERDITI is destined to be distinct: simple, yet unforgettable. PERDITI means a thousand dreams, desires and blessed forgetfulness converted into wearable reality.

PERDITI means losing yourself in the moment, in search for the inner you.